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Animal Refuge Video Footage
The *Animal Refuge design is suitable
for all small terrestrial fauna:

· Made from UV treated fabric, double stitched, it's mould
resistant and can cope with all types of weather conditions.
Easy to clean (can be hosed down).
· Resistant to most oils and acids under general use
· Core material constructed from low density Polyethylene
resins with HCFC & CFC free gasses, strong and resilient foam
· Non-toxic , non-smell, safe, Eco-friendly and 100%
· Light weight, strong, with excellent buoyancy
· Provides thermal insulation and a temperature barrier, whilst
providing essential cover from the elements
*Registered Innovative Patent

HOW OTHER PRODUCTS STACK UP........Others like Hessian Bags etc..
· Absorb moisture, instigate mould and fungus growth, can cause respiratory problems for native fauna
· Non-buoyant - can not be used in all conditions and for multiple applications
· Short lifespan - material break down, absorbs moisture and soil, species entangled in loose twine
· Poor thermal qualities - hypothermia or hyperthermia, dehydrates animals and can cause severe injuries to fauna..........NOT GOOD!

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