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Evolution Fauna Consultancy and Services possess experienced and licenced Fauna Spotter Catcher / Fauna Handlers which are fauna specialists and have worked all over Australia in some of the most diverse and remote locations, on some of the biggest conservation projects undertaken in Australia.

Skill Base:

•  Experienced Fauna Spotter Catcher / Fauna Handlers for surveys of all terrestrial taxa, eg.avian, reptiles, amphibians and mammals

•  Use of multiple facet survey techniques from standard principle trapping techniques, bird mist netting, bat harp traps / suspended harp traps, hair identification, faecal analysis, images and video footage, bat ultrasound, audible playback and interpretation, bone identification, tracks, scats and observations

•  Habitat surveys and modelling predictions for specie

•  Research in ecology, reproduction, morphology

•  RIA and EIA Hormone Endocrinology Assessments

•  Pest species capture, genetic sampling, monitoring and control

•  Radio / GPS telemetry tracking / monitoring and mapping

•  Mapping, movements, distribution, range and habitat utilsation

•  Bird and Bat Banding

•  Soil sampling, collection, preparation, primary analyses
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Skill base diversification for project requirements:
Collection of genetic samples for museum
Morphological developmental studies
Adjustment of telemetry collar on endangered Red-tailed Phascogale
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Venomous Collett's Snake
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