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Evolution Fauna Consultancy and Services utilises its vast body of experienced licenced
Fauna Spotter Catcher / Fauna Handler professionals to carry out and complete fauna
objectives on behalf of our clients using grounded technical and scientific principles. Cliental
include commercial and private industry as well as sectors from the mining, oil and gas,
exploration, drilling and pipeline construction sectors.
Terrestrial vertebrate management is our field of specialty with multi-skilled and experienced
Fauna Spotter Catcher / Fauna Handlers having back grounds expanding from the Zoological
and Mining Industries to Government Conservation Departments specialising in areas of
ecological surveys, endangered specie translocations, endangered specie population
management, target specie ecological studies, capture, restraint and transportation of all
taxa, biological sampling, telemetry studies, mapping and specie identification utilising
various principles.
We can also provide resources and support in program management, planning, operations,
construction and maintenance along with comprehensive reports associated to fauna
management plans, impacts and assessments,  terrestrial vertebrate ecosystems,
conservation significance and associations to the objectives being undertaken.
• Fauna Spotter Catcher / Fauna Handler activities
• Biological surveys and assessments
• Fauna management plans
• Fauna monitoring programs
• Fauna translocation and relocation
• Threatened fauna prioritised monitoring and assessment
• Species action plans
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Terrestrial Vertebrate Management Objectives
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