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Mining and Construction Projects
Collection of genetic material during fauna sample processing
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Evolution Fauna Consultancy and Services possess experienced and licenced Fauna Spotter Catcher / Fauna Handlers that are fauna specialists and have worked all over Australia in some of the most remote locations and diverse environments with numerous mining and construction projects. The Fauna Spotter Catcher / Fauna Handler experience base enables deployed personnel to possess prior mine site experience, certification, habitat, specie and environmental experience relevant to the desired work project prior to reaching the designated work location. FIFO , Australia wide projects.

Mine and construction applications:

•  Fauna Spotter & Catcher / Fauna Handler
•  Clear and grade, surveys, monitoring
•  Fauna injury mitigation devices
•  Damage Mitigation
•  Pipeline / Trench management
•  Large animal extraction
•  Fauna Relocation
•  Offset fauna management
•  Preventative fauna mitigation management
•  Licenced personnel
•  Australian Fauna First Aid
•  Data collection & submittal
•  Pest species management
•  Nestbox / refuge management

Evolution Fauna Consultancy and Services possess specialised fauna equipment for all mine and construction work, and is therefore prepared for all surveys, of any scale, fauna relocation and fauna monitoring programs. Equipment can also be hired for site activities.

Pipeline excavation process opening up a 2.7 m depth trench
Evolution Services hair tube deployment
Damage mitigation with Eastern Brown Snake
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