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About Us

Evolution Fauna Consultancy and Services has developed from the zoological industry to the conservation field over the past 20 years. Experienced staff with background expertise encompassing the Zoological, Government Conservation Departments and the Mining Industry are deployed on all projects. Our zoologists, ecologists and fauna specialists provide in-depth knowledge to our environmental services, based on years of sound technical and scientific practices experienced with fauna management programs and in association to all sectors of mining and construction, with in-depth knowledge of federal, state, and local environmental regulations.

The qualifications and expertise available within this multi-disciplinary group enables us to address and fulfill the ever-growing and changing needs and requirements of the mining,
exploration, drilling and pipeline construction industry as well as commercial and private industry sectors. The extensive experience base within Evolution Fauna Consultancy and Services with environmental projects, enables a diverse and comprehensive range of support to be provided to and on behalf of our clients, from the conceptual design and planning stages through to construction, daily operations, and closeout of projects to be carried out and completed in a courteous and professional manner as per schedule.

Client Requirements

Evolution Fauna Consultancy and Services is committed to providing professional environmental solutions to the developing mining and construction industry, we aim to develop and implement sound practices of terrestrial management to encompass phased controls in alignment with construction to ensure best practices of terrestrial sustainability.

Evolution is also currently focusing on supplying fauna injury mitigation devices for the mining sector. All of our products and equipment have been extensively tested in the field to ensure they meet their required expectations. Our broad range and ability to engineer and construct new items will give your business the environment edge it requires.
Support and assistance can be customised for each client’s project needs.
If you have any special requirements please contact our office to discuss your needs.

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